“Before you’re a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”

Jack Welch

My Story

My Story

We all have stories to tell about how Toastmasters impacted our lives for the better, here is mine:

I grew up in Africa, in Lagos, Nigeria, my family moved there when I was three years old and I had a wonderful childhood. I was a very shy, quiet soft spoken child. At school my first grade teacher was quite intimidating, he was this tall big man, like a heavy set Denzel Washington and he would tell me to SPEAK UP! And I would tremble and whisper even more. Many years later we moved back to India, there the local kids made fun of my clothes and my accent. My parents tried to help me with the transition and enrolled me in a catholic high school. Although I looked like the other kids in my school uniform, when I read or spoke in class I sounded very different. Often the kids would laugh at my pronunciation so I tried very hard to acquire an Indian accent overnight.

I came to the United States to study for my masters in Electrical Engineering at New Jersey Institute of Technology. It was a bit of a shock to be the only girl in all my Engineering classes, I tried hard to blend in but was picked on by every teacher once they noticed me. I had a research assistantship, but when the funding fell through my professor offered me a teaching job and I became an Adjunct Instructor of Electrical Engineering teaching Electro-mechanical energy conversion EE 331 to juniors. That was quite an experience and I now have great respect for teachers.  I graduated and started working in New York at NYNEX Computer Services.

A few years went by, and my family had come over to visit. It happened to be my dad’s milestone birthday and we decided to celebrate with the entire family present. As I was making the arrangements one of my sisters suggested we toast dad after lunch, I agreed but did not pay any attention to that. The day of the birthday celebration arrived, it was a beautiful September day, and everything ran like clockwork, until it was time for the toast. Each one of my sisters gave a toast, and when it was my turn my hand was shaking while holding the glass, I managed to squeak out “To the best dad!” It was awful! How could I have taught a 3 hour class in front of 25 students and not be able to speak in front of friends and family? My two sisters who belonged to Toastmasters clubs in India urged me to join and fortunately for me a club soon chartered at my office and I joined. And like many of you I wish I had joined Toastmasters sooner.

Now I am more effective in my communication. My current team at work has 17 men and Toastmasters has helped me have a voice and to be heard. I have learned to SPEAK UP!

Toastmasters works, it worked for me, a member of a demographic that perhaps needs Toastmasters the most — a minority, a woman and an engineer. I am passionate about Toastmasters and it is my mission to help even more people find Toastmasters and discover their potential!

About Radhi

About Radhi

Radhi Spear, DTM for 2nd Vice President


Radhi Spear joined Toastmasters as a charter member of the AT&T Middletown Toastmasters club in 2000.  Since then, she has served as Lt. Governor of Marketing, District Governor, Region Advisor, and International Director. In this time, she has been awarded the Excellence in Marketing Award and has earned the status of Distinguished Toastmaster and Distinguished District Governor. She has also received a Presidential Citation and was honored to serve on the first International Leadership Committee. Additionally, Radhi has shared her knowledge on a Leadership Panel titled “Achieving Success in the Distinguished District” during the 2009 Toastmasters International Convention.

Year Toastmaster activity
2017-2019 International Director
2017-2019 Board committees –

  • Recognition Committee
  • Corporate Relations Committee
  • District Fiscal Effectiveness Committee
2015-2016 Region 9 Advisor
2015-2016 RA committees –

  • District visits committee
  • Facilitating Successful Conference Calls
2009-2011 International Leadership Committee (ILC) (about the ILC)
2009 Presidential Citation (about this award)
2009 Leadership panel on Achieving Success in the Distinguished District Program at the Toastmasters International Convention
2007-2008 Distinguished District Governor of D46 – successfully led a team of five to transition to two flourishing districts, D46 and D83
2006-2007 Lieutenant Governor of Marketing (Excellence in Marketing award)
2000 Charter member of AT&T Middletown Toastmasters. Has held a club officer position since the year she joined! Yes, this means she has attended or provided training 40 times!

  • 1st place in Division Humorous Speech Contest
  • Select Distinguished Area Governor
  • Has helped D83 and D46 as chief judge, contest chair, registration chair, credentials chair, and other positions for the past ten years.


I highly recommend Radhi Spear, DTM for the position of 2nd Vice President. I first met Radhi when we served together as Region Advisor. She was always very conscientious, knowledgeable and committed to the members she served. I also had the opportunity to work with Radhi on the Board of Directors. I found it a pleasure to work with her as she offered very valuable ideas on policies and ways to better serve the members of our organization. Radhi chaired one of the subcommittees on the Board that I had opportunity to serve on, where she showed her superior leadership skills in working with a diverse group of people.  We accomplished our goals under her direction which was no small feat. Radhi Spear’s character, experience and expertise will serve her well as an officer of this organization.

Impeccable, knowledgeable, and bold are just a few of the adjectives that describe Radhi. I was fortunate to serve with Radhi as an International Director. What I observed, “member first.” Radhi’s passion for each member is genuine. Her work ethic is impeccable, knowledge second to none, and she is bold, bold for the right thing. She will voice the concerns of the concerned. I fully support Radhi Spear.

It was a great experience to serve together with Radhi Spear on the Board for two years. I was very lucky to work with Radhi in two committees, her all-rounded communication skills and highly effective problem-solving skills were impressive. Radhi is humble, caring, and helpful. Even though we had a 12-hour time difference, Radhi was always available when I was in need, no matter how early in the morning or late in the evening. Radhi was also the chair of the roast of the immediate past international president. From that project, Radhi revealed her excellent leadership skills in leading leaders from all over the world with different cultures and personalities. I have no hesitation in recommending Radhi Spear to be the Second Vice-President.

If there is one leader I would be happy to speak about- that would be Radhi Spear. Radhi and I were Region Advisors in the year 2015-2016. We trained and worked together. She was passionate about the development of each leader under her Region and worked hard to do so. She would discuss issues in an honest and open way so Toastmasters would understand the direction she and her team are heading to. Radhi had a way of leading without making a “publicity” about it because she believed that members should be in the forefront. They should get credit for it by all means. She had no pretensions, a very straight forward person with transparency. It was my pleasure to have worked with Radhi, someone who has remained humble, honest and a role model. As a 2nd Vice President, she will be the best candidate to represent our leaders and members.

I have known DTM Radhi Spear for over ten years. She is friendly, focused and hard working. Her background gives her a global perspective, and she has an in-depth knowledge of the organization. I wish her well in her endeavour to contribute to Toastmasters International, by putting her talents to best use.


These words easily come to mind when I think of Radhi Spear. We met shortly after I joined Toastmasters in 2010. The moment she took the initiative to introduce herself, I sensed her strong character surrounded by an air of warmth and sincerity. Since then, she’s consistently, without prompting, blessed my personal journey with resourceful, rallying support.

Through the years, I’ve remained impressed with Radhi’s ability to balance priorities in the demanding world she leads. At work, home, and in the community, she approaches life with boundless energy, ingenuity and integrity.

And her résumé speaks for itself: distinguished Toastmaster with a record of driving district growth; well-respected, advanced-educated engineer with history of devising policies that impact millions of global customers; and passionate volunteer committed to helping everyone in her path. Uniquely, she leads with a soft stick; quietly observing and processing before taking action; accountable for results and mistakes, open to learning, and encouraging of other’s ideas.

She’s a business-minded professional with clear vision, a natural talent for solving critical problems and the vigor to motivate teams to greatness.  In my opinion, Radhi is a clear choice for Second Vice President.  I look forward to seeing the wake of her positive change.

I first met Radhi in 2000 when she was a contestant at the District Humorous Speech Contest. When I became the 2006-2007 District 46 Governor, Radhi served as Lieutenant Governor of Marketing. Radhi chartered 27 clubs that year and won the excellence award for Marketing. Radhi was the perfect partner with whom to embark on our journey of discovery to reach our goal of taking our district to distinguished status and from #73 in the world to #16 in the world in terms of distinguished districts. That was a phenomenal achievement attained with the mentorship of past district leaders and the cooperation our district members.

As District Governor in 2007-2008, Radhi successfully oversaw two sets of district leaders as during that year, our district split into two districts and Radhi and her team, again, achieved Distinguished District status, a role for which she received a Presidential Citation.

Among other virtues, Radhi is diligent, sincere, reliable, strategic, flexible, excellent at building and maintaining relationships, influential, persuasive and trustworthy. Radhi works exceedingly well with others and is committed to reaching goals through collaboration for the benefit of all concerned. These qualities helped Radhi to excel in her more recent roles as Regional Advisor and as International Director. Radhi embraces the personal, professional, academic, intercultural diversity and core values to benefit and advance the quality and strength of our organization and positively impact the lives of our global Toastmaster family. I am honored to endorse Radhi Spear as the Second Vice President of Toastmasters International. Vote for Radhi Spear for Second Vice President.

I met Radhi Spear, when I first entered the District Trio, as the Club Growth Director, in District 65 in 2015. Since that time, I have had the opportunity to get to know Radhi as a Regional Advisor for Region 9, the International Director, Region 9, and as a friend. While I’ve been in Toastmasters since 1992, I have found few people who have supported and guided me more. Not only did Radhi meet with our District Teams as the Region Advisor but Radhi also met with us to discuss our own District Challenges, working with us to help us find solutions while supporting the team leadership building. As the International Director, Radhi continued to be there as a support system for our District. I coordinated Radhi’s ID visit and I was able to spend time with her, during the visit, where we were able to share stories, both Toastmasters and personal. As I’ve gotten to know Radhi, she’s the leader I envision when I think of a Toastmasters International President. Born in India, raised in Africa, and working in America, I think Radhi embodies a sensitivity and leadership style that is seldom seen. I look forward to seeing Radhi start this journey as the 2nd Vice President of Toastmasters International.

I am the a Past District 31 Director.  As District Director it is my job to support the District, Divisions, Areas, Clubs and members within my district.  My year started with many challenges and I asked International for as much support as possible.  During my term I was fortunate to have Radhi Spear as my Regional Advisor.   She visited our district to attend and present at our DEC training, was always available by phone (and supportive) and at times attended our Trio conference calls.  Her wisdom and support helped make my year a little easier.  Radhi always gave me the impression that I as well as my District were cared for and that our health was her main concern.

I strongly indorse Radhi for the office of Second Vice President because she has integrity, respect for the members, she is dedicated to excellence and has been of service to all of us.

Radhi Spear inspires others to be leaders.  She inspired me.

I first met Radhi at a division contest in the northern reaches of District 46, in fact, close to the border of the next district.  She had traveled all the way from the other end of the New York-New Jersey Metropolitan district to help us with our contest and to get to know us.

Radhi was friendly, smart, practical, interested, and interesting.  I was impressed that she would go that long distance from the southern to the northern border of the district for our contest and to meet us.  And we got to know her: intelligent (worked in technology), flexible, forward-looking, gracious, and able.  And keeps in focus the big picture.

That first meeting wasn’t an isolated instance: again and again she figuratively and often literally went the extra mile–as she had already done with those treks to the northern marches.

Later, when we learned that the district was going to split a year hence, and we’d get a truly infrequent configuration of one District Governor and four lieutenants, with Radhi at the helm, I got off the sidelines. Already impressed with Radhi’s approach to leadership and wanting to learn on her team, I came out from under the rug to become one of her two Lt. Governors Marketing. She inspired me to it. Working with Radhi and that unusually configured team was different and exciting.  She pulled off the lead-up to the district split graciously and brilliantly, and finished the year with district honors.

What I learned that year from working with Radhi served me well when I became the district leader.  Radhi and I are still friends, though I don’t live in the Northeast any more.

I fully support Radhi Spear’s candidacy for Second Vice President.

I wholeheartedly recommend Radhi Spear for Second Vice President.

Radhi was one of the first Toastmasters I met outside of my own club when I became a Toastmaster in 2001. No doubt, many Toastmasters would say the same, because Radhi makes it her business to meet and encourage every new Toastmaster. The first time I met Radhi, I felt her presence and strength of character. This has been evident each time I have seen her since. What has always impressed is how she leads, but she does so with humility and a soft touch.

Radhi is a natural recruiter for Toastmasters, simply because anyone who meets her wants the qualities that Radhi possesses.

Radhi’s journey in her life allows her to bring a global perspective to Toastmasters. Her career allows her to bring problem solving, organization, listening, and leadership skills.

Radhi has been a great supporter as I have pursued the world championship. She’s been a friend to me, as she is to all Toastmasters.

My desire to compete has prevented me from participating in Toastmasters leadership beyond my one term as an Area Governor and various club offices. Thankfully, with someone like Radhi in a leadership role, I know that Toastmasters is in good hands.

Radhi has been a voice of wisdom for our long term thinking and a motivator for helping us meet our short term goals.  She was District Governor of District 46 at the time of the District 83 split. We still use some of her incentive programs because they work to motivate the clubs to achieve success.  She supported us in our creative transit marketing strategies and encouraged us to see the long term vision even if we don’t have immediate results.  Her counsel helped us keep focus on what was right for the clubs and members of our district.

Radhi has incredible energy, warmth and enthusiasm, and she can effortlessly connect with everyone around her. I found her to be an inspiring and caring leader whose enthusiasm is second to none. She is passionate, dedicated and committed to the well being of clubs that report to her. During the Spring 2008 Conference preparations, I have observed Radhi’s demonstration of tremendous knowledge of responsibilities and exercising sound judgment on behalf of others.



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